How Much Does It Cost to Deep Clean a House?

The cost of deep cleaning a house can vary widely depending on several factors including the size of the house, its condition, the geographic location, and the specific services requested. Here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect:

Factors Influencing Cost

  1. Size of the House:
    • Small houses/apartments (1-2 bedrooms): Typically range from $179 to $299.
    • Medium-sized houses (3-4 bedrooms): Usually range from $299 to $479.
    • Large houses (5+ bedrooms): Can range from $479 to $999 or more.
  2. Condition of the House:
    • Houses that haven’t been cleaned in a long time or are particularly dirty can cost more due to the extra time and effort required.
  3. Specific Services:
    • Standard deep cleaning: Includes thorough cleaning of all rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning of baseboards and fixtures.
    • Additional services: Can include carpet cleaning, window washing, oven cleaning, and cleaning inside cabinets and appliances, often at an additional cost.
  4. Frequency of Cleaning:
    • One-time deep cleans typically cost more than regular cleaning services. Discounts may be available for recurring services.

Average Costs

  • One-Time Deep Cleaning:
    • Small homes/apartments: $179 – $300
    • Medium homes: $299 – $479
    • Large homes: $479- $999+
  • Hourly Rates: We do charge per man hour typically $60 per hour per cleaner.


  1. Small Apartment (1-2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom):
    • Approx. 3-5 hours of work: $179 – $299
  2. Medium House (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms):
    • Approx. 5-8 hours of work: $299- $479
  3. Large House (5+ bedrooms, 4+ bathrooms):
    • 8+ hours of work: $479 – $999+

Additional Costs

  • Carpet Cleaning: $149 minimum (carpet cleaner will come in to do a free estimate or can give estimates if pictures will be given.

Deep cleaning costs can vary significantly, but here are the factors that influence these costs for The Deep Cleaners Company.

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