Exceptions to the Rule: What Services Don’t House Cleaners Offer?

Hiring a professional house cleaning service can help reduce your stress and ensure your home remains clean and in pristine condition. In fact, with the cleaners help, you don’t have to panic if company stops by unexpectedly!

However, when it comes to house cleaning services, most people just discuss the things they offer. Do you know what not to expect from your house cleaner? There are some etiquette tips that can help ensure you don’t make an unacceptable request, and they are found here.

Not All Cleaning Services Bring Their Own Supplies

This is a big issue for many cleaning services, which is why it’s so important for you to ask about this ahead of time. There are some cleaners who will bring along the supplies they need to handle the job. Others, however, don’t.

If they arrive and you don’t have the needed cleaning supplies, you’re both out. You don’t get the cleaning services you need, and the cleaner doesn’t get paid. Don’t let this happen by asking ahead of time what you need to have on-hand.

Avoid Making Unreasonable Requests

Most people get it – house cleaners are there to, well – clean your house! That’s it. They aren’t there for other types of tedious tasks such as sewing on a button, scrubbing your mailbox or cleaning the wheels of your car. Also, during a regular cleaning session, don’t expect the cleaner to pull out appliances and clean behind them, or get on their hands and knees to scrub your grout.

Chances are, the cleaning service will do all these things, but it’s going to cost more. If you want a specialty job done – one that falls out of their typical scope of work – call ahead and ask if it is possible and how much more it will cost. This is the only way asking for these things is acceptable.

Don’t Make Things Harder

While the house cleaning service you hire is there to make your life easier, it doesn’t mean you can’t make things a bit easier on them, too.

For example, if you have extremely dirty pots and pans with stuck on food just sitting there, fill up the sink and let them soak a while before the cleaner arrives. This helps them handle this task much faster.

Something else you can do is get organized before the cleaner arrives. If everything is a disorganized mess, cleaning is going to be extremely challenging, if not completely impossible. Pick up piles of papers, toys and other clutter from the surfaces you want cleaned.

The fact is, most professional house cleaners are extremely flexible and will try to work with you when possible. However, make sure to keep the information above in mind. The last thing you want to do is to make their job harder. Also, if the cleaner does go above and beyond what is considered normal, be sure to tip well for their extra effort, which will be appreciated.